“This is a happy business,” states Bobby Heiser of Crescent Jewelry Company. “People come to us for happy occasions: engagements, weddings, anniversaries, and graduations…sometimes even get out of trouble gifts.” After 51 years in business, Bobby knows what works for this 5th generation business, that began in 1842.

It all started with R.E. Lackner opening up a jewelry, camera and general mercantile in Hannibal. His daughter married Lewis Heiser and together they started Heiser Jewelry Company. Their son Alvin (Bobby's grandfather) married Veda Erickson. They had Robert L Heiser (Bobby's Dad) who became an optometrist and a partner in the jewelry store with Veda and her brother Edwin "Pete" Erickson.

As a child Bobby would walk to the store after school and on a little stool they made for him, he would polish rings that Great Uncle Pete and his dad had repaired or resized. "Pete really taught me a lot about the business by taking me under his wing," states Bobby.

Customer satisfaction is the key to their success. Bobby remembers a story that still stands out among all others. It was close to Christmas, when a customer special ordered a unique, three-stone emerald ring as a special gift for her husband. The ring came in, and it was not as ordered. It needed to be sent back for work, and the stone had to be remounted. It looked like it would not be done in time for Christmas. The customer was disappointed, but accepting. Bobby got the ring back on Christmas Eve. That night he remounted the stone and delivered the ring to the customer’s home. They weren’t there, but the door was open. Bobby went in and hid the small box under the Christmas tree. The next day the happy customer called in tears, she was so delighted.

For over forty years, Bobby Heiser and his team have been carrying on the Crescent Jewelry tradition. Working with his father, grandmother and great uncle was a rewarding experience. It not only taught him the intricacies of the jewelry business, but built stronger family bonds.

If you don't know jewelry, know the jeweler. Warren Buffett

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